Mexican Vanilla

Cold, creamy, nutritious and delicious. Perfect smoothie to drink every morning for breakfast this summer.

Our Suppliers

Alfagama S.A. de C.V. are growers and producers of Mexican vanilla and offer vanilla in various qualities and presentations. They also produce vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste in various concentrations. Their goods are regularly controlled in a German laboratory, and they deliver directly from the field to small, medium, and industrial companies in bakery, chocolate, ice cream, or dairy production.

Mexican vanilla is the original form of vanilla, and it still carries the unique and unmistakable aroma that was known to the Totonacs and Aztecs. Vanilla combines 200 different aromas, with vanillin being the most characteristic component of the aroma. In addition, 50 other aromatic substances and more than 130 naturally occurring chemical compounds provide the unique flavor profile of vanilla.

Our Gourmet Mexican Vanilla combines these pure natural vanilla flavors and offers a taste profile that ranges from the classic sweet spectrum to spicy, woody, and toasted aroma nuances. These spicy, heavy toasted aroma nuances are only found in the Mexican Vanilla and make it perfect for making sweet treats and savory dishes as well.

Mexican Vanilla Aroma profile: Natural Mexican Vanilla flavor with strong sweet, dark caramel, woody and toasted notes, with a hint of rum and dried fruit.

Tests with Eurofins Scientific have shown that Mexican vanilla is more suitable than Madagascar vanilla when used in savory dishes and can be added in small amounts. It results in dishes having a smoother, rounder, and more balanced profile without any noticeable changes to your dish. 

As can be seen in the chart to the left, Mexican vanilla is perceived as stronger in caramelization, vanillin, tabaco, roasted, and woody notes than vanilla from Madagascar. 

Vanilla-Trade was created with the aim of bringing the original Mexican Vanilla to a steady position within the world market. They have their own vanilla plantations and are involved in creating smallholder farmers into cooperatives to increase national vanilla production, spread vanilla cultivation to different local communities, and propagate organic farming while prioritizing the environment and equitable sharing.

They now have 89 active vanilla producers in 11 municipalities in Soconusco, Chiapas, Coyutla, Veracruz, Gutierrez Zamora, Jilotepec, Huesteca Veracruzana, Huesteca Poblana, and Huesteca Tanmaulipeca. 20% of the farmers are women.

The production style is in an agroforest system. This year they have started an extensive shadow house plantation, and the first out of 3 will be completed by the end of October 2022 with 3,000 plants. In shadow houses, they combine agroforest cultivation style by planting live tutor trees to create a microclimate. In their shadow houses, they have 1,000 new trees, which give nitrogen back to the soil, which the vanilla plants need to grow.

Alfagama SA de CV Vision
To be a leading social enterprise committed to sustainable vanilla development in Mexico through an agroforestry farming approach.

Alfagama SA de CV Mission

  1. Increase the production volume of the original vanilla in the world. Mexican vanilla is considered by UNESCO a world heritage spice for its cultural importance as a food ingredient in Mexico, and yet today, it accounts for not more than 1-3% of the global vanilla output.
  2. Sustain the development of local communities through the profit-sharing structure of the cooperative and the conservation of the environment.
  3. Preserve tropical forests – a source of high CO2 Sequestration by providing local farmers with a profitable agroforestry farming crop along with providing know-how, plants & tools.

Alfagama SA de CV Our Commitment & Dedication

Alfagama’s project to spread and increase the cultivation of Mexican vanilla in the Soconusco region with coffee and cocoa growers will introduce vanilla as another lucrative crop. As part of our project, we are also working to improve the profitability of cocoa cultivation and processing and to create direct access for growers to the European market.

Responsible production means preserving the rainforests: Our future depends on the ability of our members, farmers, and their communities to manage the use of raw materials in a way that protects our planet, and therefore responsible production is so important to our work.

We support communities of smallholder farmers by:

  • Investing in growing materials and infrastructure
  • Sharing technical knowledge in cultivating, processing, and using organic pest control and the use of organic fertilizers, etc.
  • Sharing technical knowledge and investing in value addition, waste management, and conservation
  • Vanilla and cocoa or coffee cultivation in an agroforestry style (the practice of planting “tutor trees” to support the growth of the vines) to preserve the Chiapaneco rainforest and contribute to Co2 sequestration
  • Provide them with a sustainable income from agriculture

Our aim is to provide the highest quality Mexican vanilla & fine flavored cocoa and our spices at a competitive but fair price. We do this through:

  • Direct trade by producing products ourselves and working directly with small producers
  • Centralized processing centers share the costs among the cooperative members
  • Efficient logistics
  • Presence in multiple locations – close to our customers




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